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I am a UK certified psychologist since 2011 with over 13 years’ experience in the mental health industry as a project manager, life coach, and employability advisor, health care assistant and cognitive behavioural therapist.

My Pivotal Story:
My coaching consists of personal development strategies targeting the mindset, mindfulness and management skills. I am specialised in building trustworthy relationships, managing stakeholder relations and developing innovative ideas.


My Clients

I have worked within the healthcare industry, particularly with end to end change management for a medical supplies company in Trinidad and Tobago. I have also managed and led business dinner parties for over 2 years, winning the recognition and sponsorship of the World Bank and Angel Investor Groups in Trinidad.


I have assisted clients with personal projects such as writing a book, overcoming anxiety, and developing business plans.

My Message

Having managed my personal growth, and professional prowess from as young as 14.  7 Habit of Highly Effective People.