MBA Findings on CEO Emotional Intelligence across Industries

Did you know that the nature of your work can impact your levels of empathy? As a business owner you are managing high levels of uncertainty and volatility that can lead to decision fatigue, ultimately burn out, stress and mental illness.

I did some research in 2015 on business owners’ by assessing their emotional intelligence and leadership competencies using a survey that I designed and tested on over 70 CEOs based worldwide.

Is there a difference in the Emotional Intelligence levels amongst different sectors, with a focus on health care sectors versus others?

There was no significant difference amongst sectors or between males and females, although 50% of the respondents were within the healthcare industry, 29 respondents, their scores were not significantly higher than those in the legal, retail or finance. However, the highest score was achieved by a cognitive behavioural therapist, a whooping 121 with 131 being the highest score.

Did emotional intelligence have an impact on innovation in the workplace?

Well what the study prove was that those with higher levels of emotional intelligence were better innovators, and there were a few competencies that needed to master to nurture innovative leadership within their space.

I interviewed Central Executive Officers who worked globally, what we might refer to as global CEOs, and they reinforced the notion that emotional intelligence was not only key to leadership, but to management, and even to getting your ideas reinforced by stakeholders.

For instance, two global CEOs mentioned that emotional intelligence was crucial in their ability to effectively negotiate changes within boardrooms. They both highlighted the need for recruiting support beforehand, throwing ideas around to measure the feedback from other executives before pitching in meetings.

Even as Business Owners, it is important for us to implement changes when we have planted the idea before the actual change has to be made.

Suggestions for Organisational Leaders and Executives

The company encouraged monitored staff performance by setting objectives and key result (OKR) measures to prioritize, manage goal planning and evaluate for promotions. Employee incentives were working alongside talented colleagues, opportunities to participate in global-leadership projects, to work for a company who understood their needs, to accumulate bonuses or awards.

I am using this research to develop a new behavioural coaching programme for business owners and you have the chance to be part of this global study today. With this survey you can measure your capacity to think of others, especially non-customers, to recognise emotional responses within yourself and develop self-awareness and social awareness to help you manage and build effective and lasting relationships.

Essentially we need innovative leaders who go above and beyond their call of duty, because as we stand, there are massive issues affecting the way we live our daily lives. The purpose of my research is to narrow down the training it takes to improve and develop a routine of activities that enhances brain development, growth mindsets and ultimately creative problem-solving.

You can complete the survey here.