Where do we find discipline and self-motivation

Psychologists say self-discipline is the way to success because the initiative and focus of a self-motivated person is the kind of persistence every team needs. As we head back into socialising, I thought I’d reflect on my love for meeting new people and how I balance that with my drive to succeed. I love meeting … More Where do we find discipline and self-motivation


So dare I define wellness during these bat shit crazy times while we have online gurus bombarding us with updates on how to keep it together? Can I just say that whatever route you take, whether that is getting pissed while you listen to your favourite dj, or find yourself going after firmer legs, or … More Wellness

Avoid These Behaviours To Better Navigate a Crisis

Well the COVID-19 pandemic has brought this acronym to life : VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) we are not having to WFH, manage ourselves and our kids’ and partners’ priorities, shop with social distancing, exercise with social distancing and try to manage the shift to a life glued to our tech devices. I came … More Avoid These Behaviours To Better Navigate a Crisis

Entrepreneurship and mental health. Stats…

Entrepreneurshipallows us to deploy our capacity for invention and innovation in order to cope, adapt, and thrive in virtually any situation and to endure millennial environmentalchanges, (Freeman, 2015). Freeman goes on to show the contributions of entrepreneurship through, “Successive waves of innovation.” Entrepreneurs enabled the creation, growth, and transformation of civilization by breakthrough inventions in … More Entrepreneurship and mental health. Stats…