Why you need a coach who can dig deeper

The Dark Side of Coaching

Coaching is a highly unregulated field dominated by white males, and most do not have need degrees specific to coaching or certifications of any kind. The field allows any Tom, Dick or Harry to call themselves a coach. However, there are governing bodies such as the ICF, International Coaching Federation which has global recognition and I would suggest using a coach who is licensed by the ICF.

Coaching has grown into a billion-dollar industry (LaRosa, 2018). It attracts coaches from various backgrounds, educational levels, and experience. LaRosa cites 500 programs worldwide writing that many “will certify you if you simply pay them a fee.”

As I have highlighted it is simply a skill, and is quite useful to those needing someone to hold them accountable for their goal-oriented behaviours.

Working with me.

I have been using short-term solution therapy that focuses on the here-and-now. It is a collaborative approach that allows you to confront fears, learn more about anxiety and its debilitating impact on the body and mind over time.

Once we put things into perspective, we will start tackling techniques and self-monitoring tools to help you track your moods, thoughts, routines and behaviours. We cannot manage what we do not measure, so I encourage you to plan, act and review – only then can we address the threats, triggers, challenges and obstacles.

We may not ever be anxiety-free but we can manage it better. I will invite you to embrace the emotions you feel, they help us navigate through an uncertain world. Although we live in a changing world that demands our attention and forces us to neglect our self, I ask that you take this opportunity to create a space to get the guidance and build the confidence you need.

Why Coaching, and what are some the questions we answer for clients.

Do you feel as if something is missing from your life?

Is there a goal that you keep putting off or a target you struggle to meet?

Are you working towards making a legacy of your life, and need someone to hold you accountable?

Are you curious about what you don’t know you don’t know and want to dig deeper into your life’s purpose or your why?

Do you feel stuck? Want a change or shift to your life and need someone to guide you, improve your confidence and reduce the anxiety that comes along with pursuing something big.

Let me help you acknowledge and realise your potential.

Have you checked out of life because you feel overwhelmed with the high levels of uncertainty and the stress of adjusting to the new normal.

You can take advantage of our low cost therapy and coaching.

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