So dare I define wellness during these bat shit crazy times while we have online gurus bombarding us with updates on how to keep it together?

Can I just say that whatever route you take, whether that is getting pissed while you listen to your favourite dj, or find yourself going after firmer legs, or maybe you are eating way too much, and way too often, then you are well.

If you are conscious of your habits, you are well. If you are able to read this, you are well. If my blog reached your inbox, you are in the right place.

I want to make this shit show called Corona a bit more manageable for you and your loved ones. In essence if you can get through this without murdering the man in the corner shop who tries to sell you 3 sweet potatoes for six quid, then you are well.

I am losing my cool, easily. I have taken a liking to meditating up to 3 times a day, and I am surprised I haven’t started levitating yet. I am also journaling, and listing all the things I am grateful for and the things and people I will continue to socially distance from.

I am obsessed with series with psychotic female leads, so Killing Eve has been a saviour to this lockdown. I think it is quite okay to be angry and to think of all the things you wish you handled differently before this pandemic. What I want to do here is give you some laughs and something to relate to but more importantly to deliver some alternatives that have worked through my times of uncertainty.

So before you think what does she know about uncertainty… here are a few moments when I experienced panic.

Migrating to the UK in 2010, losing my great aunt 10 months before. I was grieving her loss, starting my postgrad psych degree several weeks late and coming to a country where I knew absolutely no one.

Traveling solo and overcoming the anxiety of being on my own, like taking myself on self-care dates or exploring interests and not having to wait on anyone.

So wellness can come in many forms and I want to commit to a daily pep talk series. I think it will be fun, and inspirational. So keep posted for that.

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