What to do if you are feeling overwhelmed …

Hey, I know as we are going through a lot of changes, and facing high levels of uncertainty, our stress levels can be magnified so I thought I would drop in here to say,

You got this

I know that during these times, we are emotionally charged and sometimes that means that we are not ourselves. We are likely to become nervous, panicky, sad, irritable, easily agitated and therefore, we might experience shifts in our sleep, appetite and thinking patterns.

This is quite normal

However, if we become highly sensitive and hyped up too often, it can lead to us hypersensitivity and alertness sending the body into fight-or-flight response mode unnecessarily.

A few ways to establish calm …

Engage in something self-soothing.

1. Write a list of all the things that make you happy. Things you like to taste, see, touch, smell and hear.

a heavy blanket, your favourite scented perfume or cologne or candle, a movie or song, the birds in the morning, the sunset, driving to your favourite playlist, a podcast you enjoy, the sound of your loved one’s voice complimenting you… don’t be afraid to ask for what you want to keep the calm.

2. Go out for a nature walk, and focus on the sounds, and all the visuals in the scenery.

3. Try writing down 3 things you are grateful for. Keep adding to this list daily.

4. Develop a habit of observing yourself. Be conscious of when your mood changes, or when you feel tense or agitated so you can ask for support or engage in something self-soothing.

5. Have fun, and engage in a creative activity. It is important to use our right brain, so painting, sculpting, drawing… brainstorming or visualising are all the great activities that tap into our creative capacities.

6. Reassure yourself of the things you have under control.

7. List the challenging thoughts that are on your replay in your mind? Divide them into two lists…

Things I can change

Things I cannot change

Then divide the first list into

Things I can change now as in today!

Things I can work on, and put them on your weekly/monthly target list.

Then divide the first list into your priorities

Tackle them and keep revisiting your progress, and challenge your delays, reward your efforts and use steps 1 – 6 to ensure you’re in the zone of focused control.

8. Have someone check-in on you and hold you accountable. Trust the process of working on yourself and getting better at managing this overwhelm.

9. Be gentle with yourself. Be compassionate. You got this.

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