Entrepreneurship and mental health. Stats…

allows us to deploy our capacity for invention and innovation in order to cope, adapt, and thrive in virtually any situation and to endure millennial environmental
changes, (Freeman, 2015).

Freeman goes on to show the contributions of entrepreneurship through, “Successive waves of innovation.”

Entrepreneurs enabled the creation, growth, and transformation of civilization by breakthrough inventions in agriculture, commerce, industrialization, and information technologies.

The entrepreneur’s creative mind, a common feature of those with bipolar spectrum conditions, depression, substance use conditions, and
ADHD became the driving force of economic growth, not only in America but worldwide.


Baron and colleagues in 2012, found entrepreneurs’ dispositional positive affect thyperthymic traits, which include the tendency to experience positive moods and emotions, and dispositional positive affects, which have been linked to a variety of both positive and negative outcomes among

Creativity and innovativeness are foundational aptitudes of entrepreneurs. The close family
members of bipolar pro-bands have been shown to have high levels of creativity.


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