5 Routine Non-Negotiables to Stay Calm while you Manage the Uncertainty of a Pandemic #Coronavirus

Hi there my followers,

Even my 16 odd years in the mental health industry has failed me to some extent this week. So if you have been feeling a bit rough, believe it or not, my resources are also being put to the test. However, I do have some useful tips on how to maintain your calm, keep a clear head and develop your creativity using the pressure we are placed under.

I empathise with those of you who may have lost loved ones, or a job, or a business, and to the rest of you adjusting to the fear of the possibility that these conditions might become reality in the next few months, hold tight…

Hold on to what you can control.

  1. Learn how to breathe deeply.

Your breath grounds you, brings clarity and keeps you calm. It is very important for us to develop the depth of our breaths, engaging the diaphragm, the deep inhalations and slower exhalations.

2. Pratise mindfulness

Using your senses list the things you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Stay in the moment and follow the breath as you do so. When we are stressed and our thoughts are racing, we are usually not in tuned with how we are feeling. Using this technique we can ground ourselves and calm our nerves.

3. Do something creative and fun

I think play is such an important element of our daily routine and it is not reinforced enough to use non-tech devices to engage our right brain. I think expression is so important, that’s why I highly recommend painting, writing, decorating, being crafty with our hands, gardening or painting our nails.

4. Develop an open mindset

When we are under pressure, listening to the news can upset us enough to make us feel like we do not have control or are out of options and opportunities to fulfil our dreams. It is important to embrace the positives, practice gratitude journaling, develop faith, use affirmations, re-programme the mindset with the help of professional and keep up the solution-focused thinking.

5. My last tip is to accept and embrace, because it is what it is. Accepting that a lot of businesses are closing, and many industries are affected, is something we will have to live with. Why is this important? This helps us to address the setbacks and limitations we are experiencing so that our solutions can bypass those.

I hope this was useful to you, let me know how you get on.

One thought on “5 Routine Non-Negotiables to Stay Calm while you Manage the Uncertainty of a Pandemic #Coronavirus

  1. Hey there Sharisse,

    Hope all is well with you, with so much that is going on, and thanks for the this email keep safe. ________________________________


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