Tips to Start The New Quarter Off on the Right Foot.

As we adjust to a new quarter many of you might be thinking of all the not so great things that have happened. That’s quite normal, and if you weren’t bothered by it, I’d be more worried.

We can become overwhelmed by life changing events such as the loss of a job or loved one or even new adjustments, like becoming a parent, a partner or migrating.

Temporal salient landmarks such as a new quarter or a new month or season or even a birthday are opportunities to reconnect with our values.

We can reconnect with how we manage our priorities, and our time by reflecting on the challenges we have had.

Below is a free yearly planner I created in 2019.

The steps have been formulated after months of research from TedTalks, to science journals to videos on neuropsychology, and drawing references from my experience as a clinical psychologist.

I want to encourage you to get to know yourself better. It is a process but an investment you won’t ever regret.

Last year I was being held accountable by a mentor who took over 3 years to gain my trust.

We worked on deepening my sense of purpose or my why. I was able to find value in the work I was doing and reconnected with meaningful activities and relationships, especially one with my higher being or creator.

I created an easy tool for any lay person to understand and try out, but it doesn’t just end there. We cannot achieve goals unless we truly feel connected to them.

In fact I am sure this is not the first time you are setting goals either. Our self discovery and attempt to achieve things we want for ourselves is never-ending right?! We are all working in such target-driven and appearance-centred society.

We all want the finer things, yet we are so empty inside, we drive ourselves through high levels of stress just to get things we think we want, and yet when we get them, we feel alienated because we realise no one is really that happy for us.

This is a good time for me because I am wise enough to realise that something was missing, and that was a true belief in my ability to achieve these grand visions of talking my way through to people’s hurts and reawakening their entrepreneurial spirit.

Check out my IG stories for the latest tips on finishing strong this year. Drop a comment below.



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