Working from Home During the CoronaVirus and Struggling to Stay Focused

The last couple weeks have disrupted my workflow, and I am sure I am not alone, when I say working from home has its perks but when a crisis hits and you are working on your own, your thoughts can do some crazy things.

I wanted to offer a few tips as I have been working online for the last couple years, and popping into offices only when needed for training or project management. I am actually working on launching a mental health startup for business owners to access coaching and habit analysis to prevent burn out and stress. So funny, Im having to put a lot of my advice into practice, so what better time to share with you.

Can I just add here, that mental health affects productivity majorly, but when we have a pandemic in the mix, we really have to ensure that work-life balance is prioritised.

Here we go,

Track your Habits

“You can’t manage, what you can’t measure” 

Peter Drucker

The only way we can address the habits we want to change, is to become aware of the negative impact they are having on our lives. I would hate for you to wait for something bad to happen, so here are some common signs that you should welcome an opportunity to reflect on your habits.

If I were to host an auction on bad habits, I think a lot of people would be at war on the bids to remove some of these bad habits…

Poor sleep


Unhealthy eating

Negative thinking

Drug/Alcohol Misuse

Caffeine Intake

I want to invite you to think about the activities you perform regularly and the cues that trigger them, for instance; what are the situations in which you engage in specific behaviours. Make a list, write them down. Many will be obvious, like I want to drink less, smoke less, read more, work less, eat better. Some are so deeply ingrained that they are either unconscious or we are aware but we do not want to change them. Have you ever tried to tell an anxious person addicted to coffee to reduce their caffeine intake because caffeine has a direct impact on their anxiety levels?

Here is a better reason to change your habits, once they are formed, they take much less mental energy. If we got into a routine of good habits, we could create more mental energy to do creative things. We would go into autopilot when it comes to maintaining optimum health.

Our brain takes the hit, when we are stressed, and over the years we would have developed coping mechanisms that can impact our health in the long run. The thing about habit analysis is that it involves having to be called out on things we have an attachment to, and it is not easy to change habits.

But start simple, start with one that you are highly motivated to change.

Manage your Time

You become what you repeatedly do, and when there is a demand to shift, like work from home, behaviours become more apparent. If you set up a routine, time-blocking your priorities and setting reasonable time limitations for each task, you might be able to get more accomplished.

One of the benefits of time tracking is knowing that we can see the impact of a distraction or disruption almost immediately. We can also see the impact of not being able to set boundaries, or defining a value for the work we are doing. I know we are moving in a fast-paced world, with many different types of invasions to our mental space, but we also have so many tools at hand to help us with our focus. To name a few, we can now share documents online and manage projects using #Slack. We can manage our time using #todolist and #tasks, and we can monitor our sleep using #SleepCycle

Which takes me to my next tip

Plug in Your Down Time, and Unplug an Hour before Bed

I went to the gym at 9pm the other night, came home, had a light dinner, took a bath and went straight to bed. I got up feeling so psyched it was unbelievable. Tech is ruining our mental energy. We are over-stimulated by the information out there. I will advise not looking at the news at this time, or getting into heavy conversations. You can plan your day on paper, journal, reflect, review but do it without a tech device.

I hope this was helpful and should you want to engage in a two week coaching programme to help you get more focused, get in touch today.

You can check out my survey here to

Test the Impact of Stress on my Mental Focus

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