Timeless Strategies that Drive Entrepreneurship

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There seems to be a cultural elitism that often downplays the work of some over others. What we often focus on is the need for a certain level of education, or financial stability. We may not consider the guy who invented a new way of saving money to build his business, or the woman who started selling clothing to her friends until she expanded her retail business to online retail business. We often overlook the hardships of entrepreneurship because no one wants to draw on those painful experiences, simply because it is painful.

Too often, success is vilified, or even punished.

Many of us entrepreneurs are afraid of sharing our success, celebrating our wins and broadcasting the love we feel for our job. Some of us create an environment where success is vilified by surrounding ourselves with less fortunate, or less successful people.

I am here to say to you, there are timeless strategies that drive successful entrepreneurship that you do not need a lot of money for.

Be competitive.

You will have to do whatever it takes to stand out from the competition. You have heard it, read it, said it, but are you doing it?

You need to know who your competitors are? Competitors are companies or people who are offering the SAME product or service you are offering.

This knowledge will improve the way you market your product or service to stand out, perhaps even using your competition’s weaknesses to your advantage.

You can start online, but continue the search via word-of-mouth, and through business networks.

Try this to find out who your competitors are in a search engine market analysis

Start with the main keywords you want to target in your search engine marketing campaign and search them in Google (p.s. ignore wikipedia)
List the top sites ranking for those keywords. If you’re currently ranking at number four, just look at the top three sites ahead of you. If you’re not even on the first page, you might want to consider looking at the sites in the top ten.

Do not spend money on things you don’t need.

Check the link for more tips and Financial Tricks to Develop before the Age of 30.

Credit cards are a big NO! Thank you very much!

Subscriptions to things you really don’t need should be postponed.

As an entrepreneur, priorities must be set from the get go and as you transition into full time entrepreneurship and start-up mode, you will have to set them and stick to them.

It may not be forever, but for now, you might have to bite the bullet and really focus on building your empire.

That is precisely why, you need a tribe, a tribe that is on the same vibe!

Attract the right tribe.

One of the benefits about being self-aware is knowing that you can attract best friends who will understand when you have to pass up on opportunities to hang out.

Besides the time, there is the money and the rest (sleep) that you will need to invest in your business. So saying no, will be a powerful statement in your success as an entrepreneur.

Develop healthy habits

Saying no to restaurants, to shopping sprees, to nights out at a bar, spending on lottery tickets, or habits/addictions you can break.

Just a fun fact, that this might be a good time to give up on smoking, or drinking and poor eating habits.

Successful entrepreneurs are gurus on productivity. They know that they have to engage in sport, or physical activity to boost their immune system. This also helps with confidence, engagement and creativity.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to spend time with other entrepreneurs who understand the sacrifices and healthy spending habits you are adopting.

As an entrepreneur, there will be a lot of rough patches, inconsistent cash flows and demands to get the business started.

Become a Research-aholic . Research new products and services to help you become a better entrepreneur.

As a productivity specialist, I am always researching apps that help me save time and money. Here are a few that I have come across

Marketing whether it be via social media, or television, you need to get the inbound sales strategy right. Sharing your views on relevant client problems, and challenges is actually a good way to attract your ideal clients. To help you save time just try this tool to Schedule your posts for the week, or month. Use themed weeks so that your potential clients maintain interest.

Keep your clients in the loop and offer them something different, something more, something valuable and offer it for free. Remember there is a lot of noise in the marketplace and you have to use something more than your credibility, you need to use your voice in a unique way. Use email marketing

Save Time and develop habits to make your business run more efficiently so that you can deliver more effective communication. If you are managing projects such as social media marketing, hiring, pitching, website development or delivering new training/coaching for your current clients then use this link to Manage your projects.

Become more mindful and check out the link on how this app actually took over the meditation business – Meditate

Adapt to changes quickly and stay responsive

During your research on competitors you should stay in tune with new products and services in the market as well. There are unique ways of standing out, and using Amazon as an example might sound cliché, but who would have known faster delivery would win the market?

I want you to conduct market surveys every quarter if you can. It is important to consider your customer feedback.

Taking nature walks help me stay focused as an entrepreneur

For more info on building productivity habits try this blog

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