3 Ways to Stay Focused This Summer

If you are working on a personal goal this Summer and struggling to stay focused, then here are a few tips to get you in the zone and through to that feeling of accomplishment.

Organise your Space

Create a space in your house where you can either prepare, or work on your project. Embellish the space with something that reminds you of your achievements, such as, certificates, pictures of your best moments, and or, books that you wrote or enjoy.

Stay clear of anything that will distract you, technology, an exciting novel…

Get in the Zone

You need to be in the frame of mind for working. I know when you are working on something big, you might focus on the end, rather than the little bits of things you need to get done. Keep in mind that a little each day can help you get there. You need to prepare the tasks, by creating a list with time slots needed and work on a specific thing each day. If you really want to maintain focus, try to set the same time every day.

Get a Kickass Morning Routine

I cannot tell you how much of a morning person I am. I always have been, and it is only getting better. I think this is down to my sleeping habits, and bedtime routine if I am totally honest with you. I have helped so many people with this by asking them one question,

how do you feel in the morning?

A morning routine is absolutely major if you want to stay focused this Summer.

You start with something for yourself, whether that is a gym class, a run, reading a few lines of a novel, writing, making a good brew…meditating, and preferably something that doesn’t have the risk of turning your mood sour.

Another important aspect of your routine is physical stimulation, so stretching, deep breathing or sweating might be great for the mind. I am a fan of yoga because it combines all three aspects, the body, mind and spirit.

Create a list of things you can do for your mental health first thing in the morning, and experiment. Keep an open mind and have a close friend, partner or family member hold you accountable.

You must find something you love doing that really helps you start your day with self compassion.

For more insights on how to stay focused this season, write to me! Let me know if this helped.

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