Employee Relations and Innovation

Have you seen the movie Little, in Cinemas now?
I highly recommend it if you are an executive or entrepreneur struggling to meet your stakeholders’ needs. So many of us have developed personalities that reflect our attitudes to standing out, a fear of going public. Some bosses bully quite simply because they have been bullied and criticised. However, they destroy their companies’ capacity to build a culture of innovation and instead they make all the decisions.
You hired these employees to bring more than an 8hour shift, and you should start nurturing the relationships with them. This is not only an HR initiative, it is an operational, change management initiative, an idea generation initiative as well.
Every CEO, male or female may have that trait of being bossy, and therefore may have created a huge gap between themselves and their employees.
They think they need to maintain their power and authority, the very thing that stumps innovation.
With dining experiences your company can invite so much growth and development,
The spirit of this CEO Lunch program is to spend an hour with the CEO talking about everyone’s experiences at the company, helping everyone get to know one another, and helping everyone see the humanity of the CEO.
As founder of Dinner and Dialogue, a business networking and curated dining experience, I know that companies are not making their events special. The may separate business development and down time, and I am encouraging them to bridge the gap. Of course this concept is new to the traditional leader. If you cannot take the advice from me, read this article which helps the average leader in the organisation understand the importance of building employee relations over a dining experience.
As a business consultant with a background in psychology, I am also moderated dialogue around sensitive topics, change being one of them. Good changes like restructuring is fun, but what about the other R, redundancy?
How are you going to develop the spirit of collaboration in your office, so employees go the extra mile for you, with you?
For more information on how to develop a culture of collaboration in your organisation.
Come join me at the next event – see our event page.

A terrific way to foster connection and safety, belonging, and mattering in your culture is for the CEO to have lunch with small groups of cross-functional employees on a regular basis.

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