Job hiring – What it boils down to

What are recruiters looking for in the job market and how can you increase your chances of being hired.

I know the journey of job hunting can be a daunting experience, not only because it takes a lot of time and effort, it requires negotiating and crucial decision-making, in-between all the possibilities of rejection….

Here are some key aspects of the job hunt

– Review numerous job postings
– Organize Information Daily
– Present Yourself to Potential Employers

The 3 E’s in Employment.

Education, Work Experiences and Work Ethics.

Tip #1

Using the job specification, highlight your relevant and most recent academic achievement or training and work experiences first. I highly recommend doing online courses, using

– Udemy
– Coursera
– Google campus

Data Science Courses Featured

Training gives you something positive to focus on while job hunting with the added bonus of adding to your portfolio of skills and competencies.

Tip #2

When referring to work experience, please specific the activities, roles and responsibilities and accomplishments in the more important job roles. I would advise keeping the resume
– to one page,
– double line spacing
– reasonable font size
– smaller margins

Tip #3

Using the person specification, emphasize your work ethic, which includes
– your ability to collaborate in teams
– develop trust and reliability
– be on time and regular to work
– go above and beyond to complete assignments
– share your best work
– engage with others
You can use tip #3 in the second paragraph of your cover letter.

job hunt in the library

If you would like any support with your job applications, especially with interview prep, or as an employer with the hiring of new staff, contact me.

~ Sharisse

the – business – coach

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