How to build credibility

Growing up in a small town, I learnt the value of credibility quickly. Bad news travels faster than a flash of lightning, and competitors are probably out there lurking for a slip up.


Yes it sounds like I am in a panic mode, but it is true. I often hear people using the word entrepreneur and business owner so loosely. I often wonder if they are ready to accept the responsibility of staying true to their word and promise to customers. In maintaining values and sharing consistent messages to their followers and other stakeholders, they are building credibility, and in essence profitability.


Here are some tips to build trust and develop a sense of character in your business.


  • Pick three values you can embrace and write a mission statement that reflects them.

Alignment with values and mission, help you to stay focused on what you are offering and how you plan to achieve them.

  • Be consistent

Stay true to yourself, and your business and be mindful of the culture you maintain in your organisation, the relationships you build and the ties you maintain. The key is to be consistent with all the messages you share, especially in your face to face meetings, across social media platforms and with your employees, suppliers, customers and/or investors, or business partners.

“People remember how you made them feel,” Maya Angelou.

  • Stay objective

Set boundaries and refrain from delving into topics that are not in your field or area of business. Research suggests becoming passionate about too many different topics can give your following the wrong message or worse, a mixed message. Stay objective in areas of business that do not interest you.


Stay Psyched Up and True to Yourself



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