Are you procrastinating? Would you like to make sense of this?

Why are we, as humans, always waiting until the last minute to get started on a major project or assignment?

Some might use the argument, I work better under pressure. Surely that creates an adrenaline rush needed for creativity, but equally I would argue it can overwhelm you.

So I am not saying here that I have not worked well under pressure. I am saying I have developed better habits of tackling major projects, and assignments over the years that I want you to develop.

I remember losing myself in an assignment and really enjoying it. I planned each argument and wanted ample research and evidence to support my points. However, when I got to the conclusion I loved the pressure of nearing the finish line.

However before getting into the zone for creating a masterpiece, I relied heavily on my routine.

Some of the changes I made in order to accomplish more creative pieces of work, blogs, vlogs, my website, and even a thesis…

Tip #1.

Start your day with something special for you. Drink something green, healthy and non-fat. I challenge you to start your day without caffeine and go to bed earlier if needed.

Tip #2

Exercise and workout until you sweat, and your heart is beating. We have heard it before, I am sure, that happy hormones help us acheive focus, clarity and improve our moods.

Tip #3

Schedule activities into your diary/calendar directly. I do not think to-do lists are as effective because they do not deliver the sense of commitment we need to achieve our day to day objectives.

When we are connected to the activities we accomplish on a day to day basis, we are mapping out the direction to our weekly, monthly and long term goals. Our long term goals, should be more easily aligned with our visions, but if we can remind ourselves of them daily, that’s even better.

Psychologists have designed techniques such as vision boards, mantras and personal favourite mindfulness to help us connect our daily routine to our visions, and essentially our goals. This helps us to maintain the momentum and mindset to accomplish anything we desire, deal with setbacks and be consistent.

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