6 Powerful Strategies for Happiness and Success

Joline Wilander, social sciences student at Colombia University wrote about the office, and workplace,

Create an environment and a culture in which people feel free to move about and talk, to engage their creative sides, and to propose solution ideas that may be way out of the box but that can be refined and made valuable.

Unfortunately for many of us, this type of environment is difficult to establish.However, we have control over our success, by establishing a place within our homes, where we can plan for our future.

We can look for the workplace that has an ideal organisational culture or we can help create one.

Here are 6 strategies to get you started :

  • Know thyself

Self-awareness is a map, but the key is your connection to your most powerful assets, your mind, your body and your spirit. With a deep connection to your needs and desires, boundaries can be established and relationships more fruitful. You will attract the right people, be at the right place at the right time. Knowing yourself grants meaning, and purpose, leading to a deep sense of fulfillment and happiness.

  • Foster relationships

Build networks with people who have conquered your fears, achieved similar dreams and share your interests and passion. It is important to fuel positive energy, learn from others and master the small steps as quickly as possible. When we surround ourselves with average people, negative people or numb people, we are less likely to thrive.


  • Be mindful of your environment

Your environment should inspire creativity, reflect organisation and clarity. Wherever there is uncleanliness, clutter or disarray, in space, there is a high correlation to the same in the hidden aspects of our lives.


For instance, disorganisation can manifest as a worrying mind, a person who procratinates and possibly living without a clear vision or goal.


  • Manage your resources with your end in mind

People who work towards their visions, goals and aspirations, are more likely to be in planning mode more frequently, because they are constantly monitoring, checking, balancing and sacrificing.

Some of the most useful resources are time, money, property, investments including personal investments – such as self development.

  • Be mindful

Mindfulness encourages an acceptance of thoughts, feelings and messages that come to us, when we find quiet time with ourselves. Reflection, meditation, following the breath, yoga, pilates and talking therapies all help us to sit outside ourselves whilst we get in touch with our inner world. Only when we are fully connected, can we reach out to others, respond, deliver, be considerate and act in loving kindness.


  • Indulge in a hobby

Whilst monitoring efforts are highly recommended, so too is rewarding them. We need to strike a balance and give ourselves an off day and a down time. Sleep is a good way, but in order to get more energy we need to get the negative or toxic hormones like cortisol out. Travel, run, have spa days, hike, go for walks, try painting, singing, horse riding, driving in the country side, whatever your heart desires.

Go beyond your comfort zone.

Wishing you a successful year.

Thank you for reading and get in touch if you have questions!


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