Design your life 

Designing your time

Your routine is a reflection of your work-life balance. Here are some tips on maintaining high levels of energy and enthusiasm.

1. Start your day with something you enjoy doing.

Even if it means eating healthily and making your favourite smoothie.

2. Get your heart-rate up so you can release some serotonin or happy hormones but do it without cortisol. 

For instance, don’t shout while you rush around in the morning

3. Practice deep breathing and short breaks throughout your day

Oxygen is necessary to keep you calm and thinking strategically.

4. Use checklists but assign time limits to each task you planned. 

Procrastination is the art of getting no where.

5. Reward yourself after your review and ensure you value the activity and the indulgence. 

For instance don’t go to the gym just because it’s meant to make you fit, do something you thoroughly enjoy.

Now for your space.

Designing your space will help you design your life and stick to a routine.
In a world of distractions, focus and attention needs to be differentiated. According to Daniel Goleman, the concept of focus will determine success from failure.

1. Use proper lighting. 

If you can’t see what you’re working on, it’s difficult to read into anything beyond that. Don’t strain your eyes and invest in a lamp.

2. Use attractive colours. 

Remember you have to look forward to using your creative work space.

3. Make sure your desk has things you need.

Sitting with your phone at your side isn’t necessary it may be a nuisance. Keep the space clear for writing or typing. Clutter can prevent creativity.

4. Invest in comfortable furniture. 

Seating arrangements are key for maintaining your posture and in essence attentiveness. Cushions are great enhancements. Secondly, hard to reach objects are not welcome here. Get a desk that will suit your needs.

5. Use pictures or accessories that will ground you. 

When you are working on your creations and developing a trade mark, the last thing you need is a prop that is distracting.
If you’d like to design your life, I’d be happy to get you started.
Stay psyched up


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