Conflict leads to innovation

Business leaders are saying that we need conflict to thrive because with constructive conflict teams, groups or individuals are less influenced by group think (what everyone else thinks) and/or about making an impression, or even about being unconventional.

What are unconventional leaders like

Unconvential leaders, are those who stand out in history for making decisions that the group or team once thought crazy, have dared to share their diverse ideas, practises or techniques to be innovative.

Being unconventional in itself, causes conflict.So unconvential leaders should be able to manage the resistance against his/her ideas, s/he must therefore, be


Confident &


Leadership skills often help teams thrive.

Leadership practices no longer refer to authoritarian, follow THE (one and only) leading or expert advisor. It is about each team member’s ability to express his/her opinions and ideas, be responsible for his/her actions and drive plans through to execution by maintaining high levels of enthusiasm and dedication.

Conflicting ideas are provocative, and can shake the safe grounding of an insecure team, or “authoritarian” leader. How are we showing respect for others who might express themselves differently, if at all. Are we considering the introverts in the room for instance, and how are we building an innovative team that thrives in conflict?

External vs internal environmental factors that impact on organisational conflict

Competitors, the Stock Market, Change in the industry – are external environmental factors impacting on innovation, and as Simon Sinek mentions in the video below, it is pushing the company to perform. Therefore, the internal environment has to counteract that pressure with trust, empathy and a brotherhood and/or sisterhood, where people can rely on each other.

What are large corporations doing to encourage innovation?

I have friends who work in large organisations, and I have done research on how their managing directors encourage innovation and creative leadership. These companies have think tanks, time out sessions to develop creative strategies, managers who push them to grow and develop, think big, think outside the box. I am talking about companies like Google,IBM, Microsoft.

IBM’s Think Tanks

Diverse Teams are a niche for conflict.

Dr Eric J Romero puts it across neatly in his LinkedIN post:

“The diversity of ideas upon which innovation depends is likely to create conflict as personnel advocate their ideas over those of others. This should not be discouraged, but managed. It leads to discussion into issues that must be resolved for people to work together and innovate. “

A diversity of ideas, sounds splendid, what Romero has not addressed is the conflict that arises through

  • misunderstanding
  • misinterpretation
  • miscommunication
  • misconduct
  • mischief
  • miserliness

Here are some tips on leadership that can create a trusting environment

Stress inhibits empathy because there is a flooding of adrenaline, and cortisol.

Leadership is a medical responsibility, because done badly, managed badly you are slowly killing people who work with you.

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