Lead your passion


You can find your passion, by doing what you love. The active words are “love” and “doing” Therefore there is a need for a certain level of openness and creativity to find the passion … it doesnt work the other way around. Your ambition to succeed does not lead you to your passion. This is the general message given from the thousands of self-development books and psychological training I have had.


I think we all want financial security, happy relationships and good health, but we neglect our needs in an effort to satisfy the expectations of others. However, this is the recipe for a disastrous route to passion, the kind that gets you fired up, but burns out until you run into the next “high” or “adrenaline rush”


Ok, maybe I should define passion,

“it is that one thing that you can spend hours doing and it feels like you haven’t worked a bit, and it fuels your energy to the point that you forgot to eat.”


It is not your fault, that we think about failure when we meet uncertainty, a dead-end or a change of route. However, psyched up about business offers the service of providing you with life-long strategies of solving wicked problems with creative and innovative routines, mindsets and decisions that lead to sustainable progress.


I start by asking just a few questions


  • what are your triggers, causes, events – and how much does it distract you from what you really want to do?
  • what is failure and what is maintaining that belief of failure?
  • who is supporting your efforts to succeed and what are your obstacles in attracting more resourceful networks?
  • when do you plan to see the results, so what is the time – frame
  • how motivated are you to work, and what are the specific obstacles in achieving high energy and enthusiasm
  • and last one, why do you want to achieve success and what do you plan to change to get there?

These questions are useful to ask yourself, in your own time because I know that first step of saying why you may need a coach may be tough.

Many thanks




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