How to finance a startup project on a low budget

If you are a start-up business and you have not been well affiliated with the word “bootstrap” then let me introduce it

“Bootstrapping for my Social Media Presence”

Starting off with venture capitalists or loans can be tough.Returns are a huge pressure for a start-up especially if you havent accounted for cost of failure- or probably went into this venture being overly ambitious.

Start-up costs for social media marketing can be hugely discounted by bootstraping on setting up wordpress sites, and blogging to create a presence.I have had numerous chats over the last couple months with entrepreneurs, global business development managers, marketing specialists and MBA lecturers.


Here are some tips I got from them for bootstrapping your social media costs to help your online presence.

  1.  Check out google for online courses,

2. use wordpress support – if you go premium, that support is free

3. Consult a web developer/ make friends with one if you can

4. Do a skill swap/trade off with other entrepreneurs. I suggest becoming affiliated with : where trades are made for a fiver

5. Build networks, you just never know what some people are willing to do for your start-up and after work hours

6. Find someone with a large following and ask them to blog about you.

invest in a premium site, it is well worth it!

Any questions.

I can help you with your page content and layout.

Self-made wordpress sites and video editor.

Stay Psyched Up

Psyched Up about Business Team


Here are some other interesting links:


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