In a world that is increasingly defined by unpredictability your routine is a great asset, the one thing you can get right.

Hi, I am Sharisse Hosein.

I am a psychologist and the co-founder of thepowerhour.co.uk, a London-based startup with creative events to help you reclaim your day with something inspirational and fun.

I want to improve the way you approach your day, manage your diaries and cope with the changes of COVID-19.

As a mental health advocate I encourage you to create white space in your day for mini vacations.

Coaching and Online Therapy for those suffering with anxiety.

5000 +

Clients referred from the NHS have been treated by me using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other evidence-based practices


Of clients reported an alleviation in symptoms of anxiety and shift to more fulfilling lives

16 +

Years of experience in the field of mental health, coaching and productivity.

Motivational blurbs, free mental health assessments and bi-weekly webinars. Be sure to tune in to Mondays for your Midday Motivation on my IG Live at 12 noon BST.

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